Peter Blumenthal, MD, MPH

Diplomate, American Board of Preventive Medicine (Occupational)

Certified Independent Medical Examiner (CIME)

Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, UMDNJ - NJMS

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  Snail-Mail : 22 Oakview Ave., Maplewood, NJ 07040

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Dr. Peter Blumenthal is an occupational physician with training in pharmacology and toxicology and clinical experience in trauma. He learned injury management during 12,000 hours as an emergency physician. He learned to understand illnesses caused by toxic exposure during fellowship training in clinical pharmacology and toxicology.  Therefore he is versed in the prevention and care of work related injuries and illnesses.  This solid background reflects in his clinical skills and is  matched by organizational effectiveness.


Dr. Blumenthal received his MD degree from the medical school in Bonn, Germany, trained in clinical pharmacology at Tulane and received his MPH from the joint program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Rutgers.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Occupational Medicine as well as a Diplomate of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and  a certified Medical Review Officer.   Dr. Blumenthal has maintained an academic affiliation as clinical assistant professor of medicine at UMDNJ - NJMS.


Dr. Blumenthal enjoys teaching and speaking assignments.   Locally, he has served as President of the Essex County Medical Society in 2003/4.  At the State level, he has  chaired the Council on Communications 2003/5 and has served on the Council on Legislature and the Bioterrorism Task Force of the Medical Society of New Jersey.   Nationally, he has served as Speaker of the House of Delegates of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, served on the Board of Directors for three years and was member of the Executive Committee of that College in 2004/5.


Dr. Blumenthal's training and  experience make him especially resourceful. After a medical residency he entered successive fellowships in clinical pharmacology and pharmacokinetics while teaching as an instructor of medicine at Tulane and SUNY at Buffalo. For seven years, he worked as a research physician at Hoffmann-LaRoche's Clinical Pharmacology Unit at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. He was the first to measure plasma concentrations of nitroglycerin in man and also the first to demonstrate saccharin in the cord blood of newborn babies. During his years in research Dr. Blumenthal underwent the mandated medical screening programs. The 'repetitive exposure' to occupational medicine raised his interest in this discipline and resulted in a career change in 1984.


In the eighties, industry favored in-house corporate health programs. Dr. Blumenthal served as Medical Director of ITT's Communication Services Group, and later American Cyanamid's Shulton 'Old Spice' Group. During both assignments he built comprehensive medical programs at corporate headquarters in New Jersey as well as at out of state plants. He conducted voluntary annual examinations and headed a full spectrum of wellness programs, including employee assistance (EAP). He took care of injured employees, designed special survey programs assuring OSHA compliance, took part in corporate safety programs and designed emergency plans. Both assignments with ITT and Cyanamid ended due to corporate buyouts.


The nineties saw industry outsourcing its corporate health programs. Dr. Blumenthal helped building a regional chain of  clinics, which later became part of Concentra®. He started up the Elizabeth facility and served as its first Clinic Medical Director. His  clinical experience as an emergency physician came in handy.  Since 1992,  Dr. Blumenthal has  conducted over 30,000  independent medical examinations.  He has worked as an independent consultant and has developed strong professional ties with local consulting physicians.  This helps in his present role as New Jersey Regional Medical Director of IMX Medical Management Services, Inc.


Dr. Blumenthal has  become quite familiar with industry in the tri-state area.  He has advised New Jersey based multinational corporations since 1977. His consulting assignments, at home and abroad, have included the State of New Jersey, PSE&G,  Glaxo, Pfizer, Toshiba America, Cyanamid Canada  and the Virgin Island Telephone Company. Dr. Blumenthal and his wife Marianne have raised three children in Maplewood, N.J.


'We gain professional respect in society if we profess the need for social gains.'

Inaugural Address, Essex County Medical Society, May 14, 2003


"Doctor, you have a sense of human."

 Carmen R., Friday 13, February 2009



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